Working at Glen Drummond

What's it like to work at Glen Drummond?

Challenging, illuminating and highly rewarding.

Glen Drummond is a people-first organisation. We invest in our people to help them reach their professional potential.

Whether you're working towards a specific qualification, you want to deepen your understanding of an area of accountancy, or you simply want to progress in your career, we're here to help you succeed.

Graduates and Summer Interns

If you're an accountancy student in your final year, a recent graduate or you have an entry-level accountancy qualification, we have schemes designed to help you progress.

We believe that our graduates and interns should encounter all manner of accountancy challenges early on in their careers. For that reason, we heavily encourage our young graduates to work in the office, so they can receive direct support from experienced colleagues.

Working in our open-plan Livingston office allows graduates and interns to learn through observation and means they can receive answers to their questions without delay - a level of support that makes our practice unique.

Hybrid Working

We're happy to accommodate hybrid and remote working arrangements for more experienced team members.

As an organisation, our team's happiness is our first priority. If we can accommodate requests that are conducive to wellbeing, we will.

Professional Development

We want our team to grow with us, so we commit to nurturing our employees. When our team members study for professional qualifications, we fund both their training and examinations.

As an ambitious company, it's essential that we cultivate a team of highly skilled professionals. For that reason, we invest in our people to help them thrive.

Open Culture

Have a question? Ask it loudly and proudly. Even the most senior accountants encounter new scenarios. Our collaborative spirit means that we can rely on our colleagues to share their insights and quickly solve problems.

There's no gatekeeping or eye rolling here. Just as we use our experience to support our clients, we do the same for our fellow team members.

Our Clients

We work with many clients from a wide range of industries. For our team members, that means working across a broad spectrum of sectors and growing expertise through experience.

We enjoy personable working relationships with our clients, who often tell us that they feel relaxed and reassured in our presence - exactly what we aim for.

How To Work With Glen Drummond

We can always make space for the right candidates within our team, whether or not we have a position advertised.

Feel free to get in touch with us to arrange a discussion. Email your CV to, along with a short introduction explaining your experience and ambitions.

What our clients are saying

Dale Atkinson

Director of Atkinson Building Services Ltd

We're very glad that we made the move to Glen Drummond and we've had much better visibility of our company's finances since. We would definitely recommend them to any business owner looking for better accountancy support and service.

Stacey Adie

Accounts & Payroll Manager, Purdie Worldwide Removals & Storage Limited

We have been working with Glen Drummond for over 20 years and their service is second to none. No task is too large or small. They are on call whenever I need their help.

Chris McInnes

Director, CM Steel Buildings Ltd

I would highly recommend the Glen Drummond team to any size of business looking for a safe pair of hands with impeccable knowledge of the tax and accounting world.

Dawn Blackman

Director, Shine Cleaning Solutions Limited

Every team member at Glen Drummond is professional, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and quick to respond to any question or query. I have absolutely no hesitancy in recommending them to anyone.

Jamie Taylor

Director, J Taylor Roofing Services Ltd

Glen Drummond transformed our business. Their business advice service allowed us to have our finger on the pulse and make proper decisions based on facts rather than on gut feeling.